KELOWNA – bear city

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art piece inspired by the aboriginal definition of Kelowna

Our family went to downtown Kelowna. Now coming from a city like Calgary there wasn’t much building to the downtown but more culture; I preferred it that way too. There were lots of seaside parks and along the streets there were really nice boutiques and restaurants. Kelowna was interesting in the sense that no matter where you went you would see an amazing piece of art; it was odd but also refreshing to stop and admire art. I am not quite sure if it’s the city or the feeling of being in a new town but I greatly appreciated the art.

Water front parks are extremely beautiful and really relaxing the lack of people and the clean spacious grass made it fun to walk around with my family despite a cloudy day. We were lost at one point but it was fairly easy for us to find our way back because there were maps everywhere with “you are here” indicators. Along those big postings were also small maps that had all the restaurants, boutiques, entertainment places in downtown Kelowna. Parking was also very cheap. It was $1 for 2 hours which surprised my parents because parking is $8 in Calgary.

There is also this very interesting legend about an infamous Canadian sea monster called Ogopogo. I didn’t realize until 3 days in the trip that we were lakeside with this legendary sea creature. I didn’t even realize this while we were boating in the water. Apparently, the legend of Ogopogo is even older than the Lochness monster. There was even a small statue in the park dedicated to the monster. My brothers and I had lots of fun sitting on the monster’s back.

Now, on the other hand you will not find a mall with a food court in downtown Kelowna. My family was shocked to find out that the only mall in downtown had no food court. It made them kind of depressed, I guess it’s because my parents want cheap food and my brother’s eat nothing but McDonald’s but if you are travelling to Kelowna I greatly encourage you to eat at all the restaurants you can. I wish I could give an awesome review about a restaurant but sadly we haven’t eaten anywhere but McDonald’s and A&W.

Anyways till next time.
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Lake Okanagan Day 4


I’ve been staying in with my family for the last few days already. I actually don’t even know where to begin with this blog. Okay, Lake Okanagan a grand lake in British Columbia and home of Kelowna city.

Main office (: first building we saw

I am staying at Lake Okanagan resort. It’s a beautiful resort just 20 minutes away from downtown Kelowna. This resort is somewhat hard to find because it is at a remote location but part of it’s beauty is due to the fact that it is far away from any 30 storey building. I must mention the drive to get up here was pretty scary. The resort sits beside a mountain so there is a lot of climbing to get up here. There were some twists and turns and sometimes no barriers so just be cautious when coming up here.

We are staying at one of the condo’s here and since we’re a bit of a big family my parent’s got a three bedroom condo, with a kitchen and three bathrooms. I must say I’m not too fond of the interior design of these condo’s they seem outdated and the lighting is not so great. It seemed like no matter how many lights were on, it was always dark. I am currently sitting in the kitchen and all the lights are on, including the lamps and it still feels dark maybe it’s because of the dark bricked fireplace. But this condo has two beautiful skylights; one in the upstairs hallway and one in the bathroom so those places never go dark.

These condo’s are about a 2-5 minute walk from the pool and lake. If you guys are interested there are two more types of living spaces, the pointe beach villas and the Lakeside; these buildings are within 1 minute walking distance to the infamous Okanagan lake. There are also chalets here. I don’t really know how they function but the look like an average size home. The resort itself gives a beautiful relaxing atmosphere with tons of green space for golf and beautiful flowers in every corner.

If you own a boat, this resort has a marina perfect for your boating needs. Our family went out on a boat for the very first time and it was a great and pleasant experience, the staff was nice and quick to get us on the boat. The rental for a speedboat of 7 was a $150 for 1 hour including gas and tax. It is on the pricey side but it was worth it for our family because we’ve never been boating together. Just an advice for those unlicensed and want to drive a boat, get your license! I know it’s sad but the reality is you cannot rent any motorized vehicle without a license. This crushed my spirit when I found out.

the boats looked small from afar but they are actually pretty big.

How’s the recreation? All my siblings love basketball and I must admit this place made it pretty easy for them to play. They had a good size basketball court and gave free rentals for a basetball with a $10 damage deposit. they also have other sports equipment like badminton, tennis, golf, volleyball and many more. The outdoor pool here is a beautiful luxury. They have two outdoor pools, one kiddie pool and a larger pool. If you have children I believe they would love the resort, my younger siblings spent hours a day swimming in the pools and they never seem to get bored of it. Maybe it’s because it’s not completely summer yet but the beach was pretty empty. There were never usually a lot of people in the lake swimming which made me not want to swim in the lake. They have a gym which was empty most of the time which I loved and they have two hot tubs one indoors and another outdoors.

Oh, one more thing before I forget. The villa had some kind of small free barbecue that my parents were more than happy to take advantage off. The chef was a very interesting personality, he was kind, friendly and really fun to talk to. He apparently works at different resorts. Darn, I wish I got his name. The restaurant in the rec center had chicken wings and mmm.. they were good chicken wings.

Heres what I’ve seen at the resort so far.
Keep posted (: We also visited Kelowna I’ll be blogging about that later. After this we’re going to Vancouver to visit some family friends. I probably won’t blog about Vancouver this time around because we’re only staying there for a day and we’re not really going to go sightseeing except for the skytrain.

Until then,
Smile (:


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Hey there (:

Hi fellow wordpress citizens

Claire here, a new wordpress blogger.
So i’m 17 and eager to learn, experience and travel.

Here’s a bit about me in honor of my first post. I am a high school student and I live in Canada. I have 4 younger siblings, great parents and a wonderful boyfriend. I am an international Baccalaureate student and if you’re interested yes I am in English IB. I aspire to be a doctor, a great mother and a well rounded traveller. I want to travel the world and leave no corner of this world untouched.
My motto?
“You learn more about yourself when you’re aware of life around you.”

I started this blog cause of a web article called 101 ways to get rich. I know it sounds bad but it gave me the great idea to make this blog. I love to travel and help people and I’ve always wanted to share my experiences with people. So here I am in wordpress hoping to do just that. This blog will range from the wonders of Canada growing slowly to the wonders of the world. WAIT ! Not only am i blogging about beauty but also some of its downsides (weird way to put it I know). I know it sounds depressing but I kind of wanted to incorporate some humanitarianism in this blog just because it is something close to my heart. After all, this blog is called global wonders. My definition of “wonder” is something that blows your mind away whether good or bad. Lastly, I am also planning to add in some restaurant reviews, so if you’re a restaurant junkie like me, keep posted (:

Smile (:


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